Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Bible Study Audio Archive

With instruction by Fr. Dimitri our Bible Study meets each week to read carefully through Holy Scripture. The Studies meet early so that individuals can meet and still get to work.

Class Format:

After a morning prayer and the blessing of the food, Volunteers will read from the selected text and then pause as Fr. Dimitri explains the historical, sotirilogical, and theological points of the text. Questions and comments will ensue. It is not uncommon for these moments of discussion to take the remaining time of the class as they open new questions and insights, all based in the reading from the Holy Texts.

September 2017: We will begin reading The Gospel according to St. Matthew (Focus on the Sermon on the Mount)

 Your do not need to register for the class or worry about missing a class. Come and learn about our Christ!



We kindly ask that volunteers come forward each week to bring Coffee and Donuts(or other breakfast food). Fr. Dimitri will start in September. The volunteer list will be printed here for easy reference as well as any supplemental reading.