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RetsinaGreek Wines – a dry, white Retsina. …. and many more! Stop by the Taverna!
roditisGreek Wines – a mild rose Roditis. …and many more! Stop by the Taverna!
mavrodaphneGreek Wines – a sweet red dessert wine, Mavrodaphne. …. and many more! Stop by the Taverna!
ouzoOuzo – an anise-flavored aperitif, not for the faint heareted!
greek beerGreek Beer
MillerMiller Beers – thin slices of seasoned beef on pita bread garnished with onions, tomatos, and a special tzatziki sauce (sour cream, yogurt, cucumber)
mike's hard lemonadeMike’s Hard Lemonade
soft drinksSoft Drinks – layers of macaroni, ground beef and cheese covered with a creamy sauce. “The Greek’s lasagna!”
bottled water Bottled Water – flaming Greek Kesseri cheese! OPA!
coffeGreek Coffee – Kafe – a creamy demitasse cup of hot Greek “Kafe” sweetened to individual preference.
Frappe Greek Coffee – Frappe – an iced coffee.

Prices -Tickets are $1.00 each

Menu ItemTicketsMenu ItemTickets
Grecian Platter13 TicketsBaklava Sundae4 Tickets
Athenian Chicken6 TicketsImported Beer5 Tickets
Dolmathes5 TicketsHot Greek Coffee3 Tickets
Greek Salad5 TicketsFrappe "Iced Coffee"3 Tickets
Greek Style Fires4 TicketsSoft Drink2 Tickets
Gryro7 TicketsOuzo4 Tickets
Hot Dog2 TicketsWine Tasting6Tickets
Lamb Chop Dinner13 TicketsLoukoumades4 Tickets
Pastisio7 TicketsMike's Hard Lemonade4 Tickets
Saganaki8 TicketsDomestic Beer4 Tickets
Souvlaki6 TicketsWine4 Tickets
Spanakopita4 TicketBottled Water1 Tickets
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