bookstoreChairpersons: Kiki Karras & Dr. Fotene Karantinos

Do you have a head for business and sales? Consider lending a hand in the bookstore! This wonderful ministry brings books, icons, incense, and many other ecclesiastical items to our people. Don’t see something? Just ask and we will be more than happy to order for you!


“Wholly Trinity”

Holy Trinity holds a copyright on several Wholly Trinity items which we sell in our Bookstore.  All proceeds benefit the Church.

The Agape 100 Prayer Candle

The 100-prayer candle is made by parishioners at Holy Trinity through their lighting of candles. When entering any Orthodox Church each person lights a candle in honor of Christ and for an individual to be remembered, a person in need, etc. At this time a very brief prayer is said.

The Agape candle is made by melting 100 used beeswax candles from the narthex at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. It is then blended with soy wax, another natural wax. By doing this, we recycle our old candles and pass along our prayers to the recipient of the “new” candle.

Agape means Love in Greek. There are five different words for love in the Greek language, but agape is the highest form of love, it is a divine love, such as the love that God has for man. 

The candles sell for $8.00 each