Chairpersonchoir: Ray McAvoy

Organist: Mary Bikakis


Choir Practice: Following the Divine Liturgy

Come, let us lend our voices in song to God! With glad voices let us give thanks and offer constant psalmody to Christ. Join the Choir!

“But Father, my voice is terrible!” – Who cares?! St. Romanos, the patron saint of the choir had a tin ear and he is the Saint of Music. God can transform our simple efforts into the sweetest music.

“But Father, I can’t read music!” – Who cares?! Come to practice and learn the music by listening like the people of the early church did. These are the hymns you hear every Sunday. You can do it!

“But Father, I have stage fright!” – You are not singing with master musicians and even if you were, you have one audience: God and His saints. Ignore anyone else and concentrate in singing to Him.