Chrismation Classes are by Appointment.

If you are interested in learning more about the Orthodox Faith, please schedule with the parish priest to attend these five mandatory classes. Each class lasts between 45 minute to 1.5 hours depending on questions.

Class 1: A Tour of the Church: The Church of the Five Senses

In this class you will be taken around the physical edifice of the church and introduced to all of the images, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches you will experience in the worship services of the Orthodox. We will learn about the shape of the Church, icons, the vestments of the priest, incense, baptisms and many other features of the Church

Class 2: Theology of the Orthodox: What do we believe?

In this class you will learn about the theology of the Orthodox, our belief in the Trinity, the Seven Ecumenical Councils, the Nicene Creed, Canon Law, and Christology (who and what is Jesus Christ)

Class 3: Sacraments of the Orthodox: What is Sacramental Life?

In this class you will learn about the seven major sacraments of the Church: baptism, chrismation, marriage, unction, confession, ordination, and the Eucharist. You will also be introduced to some minor sacraments within the Church, and a brief insight into Orthodox marriage.

Class 4: Social Issues and Ethics for the Orthodox: How do we feel?

In this class you will learn about the ethics of the Orthodox by first understanding what a human being is according to the Orthodox and how that understanding informs our position on many of the social questions many people have regarding creation, abortion, same sex marriage, stem cell research, cremation, tattoos, drug use and other social vices.

Class 5: Prayer & Scripture to the Orthodox: The heart of the Orthodox

In this class you will learn about the Orthodox approach to prayer, fasting, services within the Church, and the importance of Scripture both in these services and in your personal life. This class will also aim to address any other questions you may feel has not been answered in the five weeks of classes.