greekcook(Located inside the Church hall) Tempt your taste buds with our delicious homemade Greek Pastries, bread, spanakopita and many other sweets! Here you can also find our homemade Greek salad dressing and our own “Kali Orexi” Church Cookbook! Cash or checks ONLY.



Bbaklavaaklava – the most loved Greek pastry made with ground nuts and spices, layered with bettered phyllo and drenched in honey syrup.
baklava sundaeBaklava Sundae – large scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with crumbled baklava topping and honey glazing.
karithopitaKarithopita – spiced walnut cake that’s been splashed with honey syrup.
kataifiKataifi – shredded phyllo with nuts soaked in honey syrup.
koulouriaKoulouria – a traditional rich butter cookie perfect for your morning coffee.
kourabiethesKourabiethes – rich, almond butter cookie sprinkled with powdered sugar.
loukoumadesLoukoumades – the Greek “honey puff” served warm and drizzled with honey and cinnamon.
melomakaronaMelomakarona – spiced nut cookie dipped in honey.
 Phyllo Blossoms – your choice of pecan or almond.
  diples Thiples–  light fried dough that’s sweetened with honey syrup.