Orthodox Parents Association

Officers: Shanda Antonopoulos & Wendi Tsiobanos

The OPA Group, in addition to volunteering and aiding the Youth Director & Priest with the implementation of  Holy Trinity Youth Programs, also meet quarterly to enjoy fellowship without their children. At these quarterly events A movie night is planned at the Church with chaperones to watch the children.

Additionally, Twice a year there will be a seminar for the Couples of the Parish open to the Entire Community

1. Fall Seminar- Orthodox Marriage

2. Spring Seminar – Raising Orthodox Children

There are many great opportunities for parent involvement in our Youth Education and Programs at Holy Trinity.

Our Orthodox Parents Association is for ALL parents to come together once a month to plan youth activities and for fellowship.

All parents are invited to participate!

Spring 2014 Seminar – Fr. Christodoulos Margellos “Orthodox Children in a Non-Orthodox World”